Chafe-Pro Fibre Rope

Chafe-Pro Commercial Series

The Chafe-Pro® HB Series is ideal for protecting a ships mooring lines from pier and/or chock abrasion and for protecting lines used for towing. The HB Series is constructed of multiple layers of FJORD, Inc.’s specially formulated and designed heavy-duty nylon weaves. The layering technique used in the HB Series is designed to provide maximum flexibility and ease of application, and also provide long chafe-resistant service. Typical application includes use in mooring/anchoring and towing operations.

Chafe-Pro Abrasion Testing

Abrasion testing has shown the Chafe-Pro® HB Seriesto be more resistant to chafe abrasion than marine-grade fire hose and chafing gear made from such materials as HMPE (polyethylene), Kevlar, etc.

The Chafe Pro® HB Series is available in standard and custom lengths.

Chafe Pro Fibre Fishing Rope